Tour Of Duty

Our Supporters

John Howard

I warmly endorse not only the events themselves but also the values involved in the 2 x Runs being organised this year by Tour of Duty.

I have been associated with its previous activities involving marathon runs across the United States.

I wish it well in all it aspires to achieve.


The Hon. Kim Beazley

AC Ambassador to United States of America

These are critical years in our ANZAC commemorations, basically fours years of centenaries. The Tour of Duty run is always perfectly targeted to expand the knowledge of those honouring our revered veterans.


Gerry Ryan

Each year on ANZAC Day people gather throughout Australia and New Zealand to commemorate those who have served in wars, conflicts and peace keeping missions. Standing together, Australians pay tribute to the servicemen and women who have served our country.

It is a time when we share the stories of ANZAC - a legend born on the shores of Gallipoli, a legacy created by young men far away from home. It is in this spirit of reflection and deep-found respect for the courage, resilience and sacrifice of our Defence Force personnel that I have decided to become a patron of the Run.

Through the vision and passion of international events company Tour of Duty Pty Ltd, the run aims to enrich our understanding of the ANZAC legend whilst recognising the core values of a democratic and free society. One of the best ways to do this is through active participation and giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to come together in the spirit of liberty, freedom and peace.

Tour of Duty Run is both a commemorative and celebratory event. It affirms the open, progressive and unifying spirit of all Australians whilst recognising the selfless contribution of our fighting men and women.

Planned as an annual event each April, the early morning run, walk and affiliated activities will enable participants and spectators to take a moment to remember the 102,000 Australians who made the ultimate sacrifice as well as the thousands who continue to serve overseas and in Australia.

Through its own ethos of diligence, commitment and goodwill, the inaugural Tour of Duty Run 2015 promotes unity, respect and community awareness. I look forward to continuing to recognise the growth and accomplishments of Tour of Duty Run in coming years.